Double Goldy at SRA

Melissa represented the familee lab at SRA with her research on parenting quality as a moderator of discrimination-adjustment in adopted Korean American adolescents.


SRCD Tri-Caucus Preconference at SRA

I was honored to help organize the inaugural Tri-Caucus Preconference held at the University of Minnesota. This event brought together the Asian caucus, Latino caucus, and Black caucus to share wisdom about diversity, equity, and inclusion in developmental science. It was great to have some of my graduate students experience this event. In solidarity!

Flash Presentations

I was invited to give a flash talk to a Health Equity Working Group on campus. I have never heard of or given one so I had to google it. I learned it is not a brief PowerPoint talk. It also is not using Flash software. Instead, it is a 3-minute presentation that is aimed at a lay audience. I found the below website with some tips on how to give an effective flash talk.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.51.43 PM.png

It’s an annual tradition for the familee lab to eat out at a Korean restaurant whenever at a conference. This one did not disappoint. The food at Hobak in Las Vegas was amazing.


Research and RA Updates

If you are interested in learning more about our current research, click the Research tab above. It’s been updated with the latest projects and which ones are currently collecting data.

And if you are an undergraduate student who wants to join the lab, click on the Join tab above as it provides detailed information on what is required as a member of the lab – whether you are registering for PSY5993, major projects, or honors thesis. Or just wanting to volunteer in the lab.

CITI (IRB) Training


The instructions for how to do CITI training are below.

CITI Training: This can be found on: You’ll be prompted to register for an account. Make sure you list the University of Minnesota as your organization. Complete the section that’s for “Social / Behavioral or Humanist Research Investigators and Key Personnel.