FamiLee Sings!

It is well known that you need to be willing to sing in order to join the FamiLee lab. It does not matter if you sing well or in tune. You just need to sing with passion and commitment. In Toronto, we went out to sing twice and there was definitely passion and commitment.





AAPA/APA in Toronto 2015

The FamiLee lab attended the Asian American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association conventions which were held back-to-back in Toronto from August 4,9, 2015. It was a great time to introduce current graduate students to the profession, to catch up with former students, and to spend time with colleagues. Here are some highlights!

Dr. Oh Myo Kim (Boston College) and newly minted Dr. Alison Hu (Bedford/Boston VA). They failed to tell me to wear a shade of red.


Dr. Jenny Su (St. Lawrence University) also failed to tell me to wear a shade of red.


Adam Beaupre (3rd year PIB) standing proudly at his poster on our new measure of Birth Family Thoughts. I had to keep telling him to open his eyes for the photo until we realized….


Xiang Zhou (3rd year Counseling) presenting our latest project, INTERFACE, which is a new parent engagement module to increase parent motivation and retention in parent training programs.

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The Korean brotherhood: Brandon Yoo (ASU), Matt Miller (Maryland), me, and Richard Shin (Maryland).