New (old) study 

It sometimes takes a bit longer than expected to get a study published but the wait is worth it. Here is a snapshot of a new in press paper by two former graduate students and me. Congrats to Kyoung Ok (professor at Ewha) and Brandon (ASU). 



Academic fatherhood 

I had the good fortune of officiating the wedding of my first Minnesota PhD student, Hyung Chol (Brandon) Yoo. A proud (academic) papa moment. Brandon is an Associate Professor of Asian Pacific American Studies and Human Development at Arizona State University. 


#TBT from the Familee Lab

I love this photograph of two former graduate students (Drs. Oh Myo Kim and Steph Pituc) singing karaoke at the annual familee lab party. Since having kids, we have not hosted a karaoke party at our home but every couple of years the lab will visit a noraebang. And of course, we can still sing when attending conferences!