Graduate Students

Current Students


Kayla Anderson: Kayla is interested in research on families who have used non-traditional methods to add children to their families, including both adoptive families and families who have conceived children using assisted reproductive technologies. In particular, she is interested in the interplay of family interactions and child adjustment in these family forms. Kayla also has a strong interest in quantitative research methodology and statistical methods, with an interest in teaching research methods.


Adam Beaupre: Adam is interested in identity (e.g., racial/ethnicity identity and white identity) within the context of trans-racial transnational adoption.


Joyce Lee: Joyce’s research focuses on identifying individual-level factors, such as ethnic-racial identity and racial ideology, that differentiates vulnerability and resilience as a response to racial/ethnic discrimination.


Lovey Walker: Lovey H. M. Walker is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Psychology’s Counseling Psychology Program and is co-advised by Dr. Richard Lee and Dr. Moin Syed. Born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii, Lovey completed her B. A. at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH, where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Asian Studies. Her current research involves qualitative and quantitative approaches to examining identity development, particularly on how people integrate their cultural background into everyday life domains (e.g. academic or professional pursuits). In addition, Lovey serves as a practicum counselor and consultant in the Twin Cities areas.


Christine Wu: Christine received her BS in Neuroscience and BM in Music Performance, with a minor in Asian American Studies, from The Ohio State University. Her research interests include family conflict among immigrant families, discrimination, and culturally adapted interventions.


Anne Zhou: My main area of interest is that of minority/marginalized health disparities both physical and mental, particularly amongst Asian Americans and Asian immigrants. I am also interested in researching disparities in access to health information and knowledge, primarily regarding sexual health. I hope to take this research and develop interventions and programs that would bridge health disparities in minority/marginalized groups, and make the health knowledge needed to make informed choices more readily available and accessible.


Xiang Zhou: Xiang’s research focuses on identities and mental health in a transnational framework and currently developing a measure on diaspora identity.

Former Students

Alison Hu: Alison received her Ph.D. in counseling psychology in 2015. Alison immigrated from Taiwan to Los Angeles, and received her B.A. in Psychology/ minors in Education and Developmental Psychology from University of California, Los Angeles in 2008. Her research broadly lies in cultural socialization and ethnic/racial identity, with an emphasis on peer and familial relationships. Her dissertation is focused on cultural socialization practices in international adoptive families. Alison is currently completing her postdoctoral fellowship at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VA Hospital in Massachusetts.

Mary Joyce Juan: Mary Joyce earned her Ph.D. in counseling psychology in 2014. She also graduated with a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Linguistics from the University of California at Berkeley in 2006 (Go Bears!). She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System and served one year as an Advanced Women’s Health Postdoctoral Fellow at the VA San Diego Healthcare System. Currently, she is a faculty therapist with Counseling & Psychological Services at San Diego State University.  Mary Joyce’s research and clinical interests lie broadly in identity, with a focus on the intersectionality of gender identity and racial/ethnic identity among women of color.

Oh Myo Kim

Stephanie Pituc

Kyoung-Rae Jung: Kyoung Rae received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology in 2013. He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in clinical psychology at Yonsei University in Korea. He also earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Oregon, Eugene, and master’s degrees in psychology at San Diego State University. He is currently assistant professor of psychology department at Salisbury University in Maryland. Kyoung-Rae is a Korean national and has a beautiful wife and four children. He is teaching statistics, abnormal psychology, clinical/counseling psychology for undergraduate students and interested in culture, trait, and life outcomes.

Reed Reichwald

Nazneen Bahrassa

Kyoung Ok Seol

Alisia Tran

Ryan Dean

Sueyoung Song

Eunju Yoon: Eunju received her Ph.D. in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology in 2005. Her primary research interests focus on acculturation/enculturation, immigrants’ mental health and well-being, patriarchal beliefs, and spirituality. She is currently an Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology at Loyola University Chicago.

Jenny Su: Jenny received her Ph.D. in Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavior Genetics in 2008. Her primary research interests focus on how social and cultural variables affect the linkages between emotional regulation and mental health. Jenny is currently an Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York.

Brandon Yoo

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