My talk on international adoption at my alma mater – VCU

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to be speak about my research at my alma mater РVCU Рas part of their Distinguished Speaker Series. It was  wonderful trip down memory lane and a great chance to meet with scholars and students in the Department o Psychology. Click on the photo or go to to view the talk. Fast forward to around 5:30 to begin my talk.




6:24 time mark is an excellent example of the needed conversation in inter-racial relationships/marriages. In my research on these issues, it is clear that many (if not most) inter-racial couples (particularly involving a White partners) do not have or know how to have constructive conversations about racial differences in the family

#ThisIs2016 video

ITR Symposium on Precision Healthcare

Fourth year graduate student Xiang Zhou presented his State Fair research at the local ITR symposium on precision healthcare and was selected as one of the best posters. He received a travel award for his great work. 

Second year graduate student Christine Wu also presented her first year research project on the relationship between pubertal timing, discrimination and ethnic identity development. 

Minnesota State Fair study

My graduate and undergraduate students collected data on parenting motivations for five straight days at the State Fair. The study was titled simply, “Unpack your parenting, Get a backpack!” It was a big hit with over 850 participants completing the survey. People really wanted those UMN drawstring backpacks! Can’t wait to begin analyzing the data and hopefully showcasing our newly validated parenting measure. Great work, Xiang and Christine, making it all a success. 

2016 AAPA convention in Denver

The Asian American Psychological Association has been my academic home since I first attended the annual conference in 1992. So proud to see my current and former students now carrying on this tradition. 

My undergraduate student Claire Park presented her research on the moderating role of ethnic friendships on ethnic identity development 

My graduate student Christine Wu presented our latest work exploring the co-occurrence of puberty and racialized experiences. 

And my conference housemates, including my former (and first Minnesota PhD) Brandon Yoo

Asian Americanist Perspective

My graduate students, Adam Kim and Xiang Zhou, and I were invited to provide a commentary on a special section on Asian American child development in the journal Child Development. We used this opportunity to put forth an Asian Americanist perspective that we hope to guide our and others scholarship in psychology.

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